PuRR Sound Masking

Product Overview

What is PuRR?

PuRR is Sound Masking system which serves to increase the privacy of the conversations in the open plan offices and also for reduction of the interference caused by background noises. The Sound Masking helps for achieving of steady acoustic environment in which loud sounds like ringing of phone, dog barking, clicking and conversations does not disturb the concentration of the occupants of the room. PuRR Sound Masking provides low level of background noise which is unobtrusively or irritating for the employees. This sound mask is although sufficiently strong to cover effective the conversations and to reduce the distracting sounds. 


The system for sound masking - PuRR Sound Masking is recommended for use in the following cases: 

- open offices, where it is necessary to achieve confidentiality of the conversations;

- manager's offices, where it is necessary to achieve acoustical level for better concentration and masking of the noises, coming from outside, and to achieve confidentiality in front of the door of the room;

- shared work spaces;

- people, working/studying in home, who have need for concentration, but hear noises from neighbours, which distracts them;

- people, who have sleeping problems and frequently suffers from lack of sleep; people, who have problem with falling asleep or hearing irritating noises from the surrounding space;

- students, who needs calm environment for concentration; 

- restaurants, where it is important to be ensured confidentiality between the tables of the customers; 

- SPA centres, where it is necessary to be eliminated the reverberation and to be ensured maximal calm and acoustic pleasant environment; 

- for yoga practise and meditation; 

- babies and little children, the sound masking with white noise is the closest sound to the one they hear in the mother's womb, and also close to the "shh" sound, which is frequently used for calming of little children and for this reason it is very soothing and appropriate for cradling. The white noise is a mass used device for putting to sleep and soothing of babies from mothers in USA and Australia. For more information about the white noise and his effect over babies and children, press here:  

1. http://www.babysleepsite.com/baby-sleep-patterns/white-noise-help-baby-sleep/

2. https://www.preciouslittlesleep.com/why-babies-love-white-noise/

Reasons for using sound masking

Sound Masking is a system, which improves the confidentiality and the sound comfort in office and residential spaces. It transmits masking sound signals, which decreases the irritation of unwanted speech or other noises. The system helps to be decreased the subjective perception and irritation from signals, who are carrying information for the human brain and leading to loss of concentration. The system catch and analyze in real time the sound environment in the spaces and depend on the characteristics it transmits different combinations of signals. The masking system is certified and safe for the human health.

It is mass used and for device for putting to sleep of new born babies, because of the specific of the modulated signals.

The first pieces are expecting to be manufactured in the second half of 2016.

Technical Details

Functions sounds: Fan and white noise
Two available colors: white and black
Dimensions: 11.2 x 5.6 x 11.2 cm
Weight: 544 grams
Product features: "10 white noise options,  10 fan sounds, a sleep timer, reccomended options for every sound masking situation"