Acoustic panel - Z Absorber

Product Overview

Made from polyurethane foam, this absorber with innovative design provides sound absorption in the medium and high frequencies.
The "Z" shape makes it suitable for stacking horizontally or vertically on walls and ceilings, giving them a modern and highly effective design for the absorption of the  the first reflections and partial diffusion of the sound wave.


Acoustic panel Z Absorber is suitable for:

Conference and teleconference rooms
Call centers
Recording studios
Sound editing rooms
Rehearsal and music halls
Public spaces
Concert halls
- Classrooms

Technical Details

Dimensions: 45 x 45 cm
Thickness: 5 cm
Density: 25 kg/ mᶟ (ISO 845)
CDH Hardness 40%: 1,5 kPa (ISO 3386)
Material: acoustic foam
Weight: 195 gr
Color: dark grey                                                                                                                                       
Installation: on walls and ceilings through direct gluing  


The adhesive for the installation is polyurethane installation glue available for order from Decibel.

Acoustic Performance

Technical data

Material Polyurethane foam
Density 25 kg./mᶟ
CDH Hardness 40 % 1,5 kPa (ISO 3386)
Color dark grey
Dimensions of plate 45 x 45 cm
Plate thickness 5 cm
Weight 195 gr./plate