ARC™ Bass trap

Product Overview

Arc Bass Trap offers considerable sound absorption in the low frequencies and is an excellent complement to the primary acoustic treatment of specialized rooms. Arc Bass Trap is used to lower the so-called "boom" effect, which masks good mid- to high-frequency audibility.

- innovative and attractive design
- efficient low-frequency sound absorption
- Easy to install
- Easy to maintain and cut

Arc Bass Trap is suitable for conference and tele-conference rooms, call centers, television and radio studios, recording studios, sound processing rooms, rehearsal rooms, music halls, public areas, concert halls and auditoriums.

Acoustic Performance

Technical data

Material:Polyurethane foam
Density:28 kg / m3 (ISO 845)
40% hardness:2.8 kPa (ISO 3386)
Color:dark gray
Dimensions of the element:25 x 25 x 100 cm
Thickness:30 cm
Weight:940 gr per item
Non-combustion class:BS 5852 Crib 5


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