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Sound insulation of drum studio

Sound insulation of drum studio
Sound insulation of drum studio
Sound insulation of drum studio
Sound insulation of drum studio
Sound insulation of drum studio
Sound insulation of drum studio
Sound insulation of drum studio
Sound insulation of drum studio
Sound insulation of drum studio
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Sound insulation of drum studio

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The acoustic problem

 In July 2020.  the professional musician and drummer Venko Poromanski asked DECIBEL for a solution to a problem in his drum studio.  The client told us about two main problems.  The first problem was the soundproofing and vibrations that run throughout the building, causing complaints and dissatisfaction from people living nearby.  The studio is located on the 16th floor of a residential building (usually such studios are made underground).

The second problem was the sound quality and the fact that the drummer did not actually hear the instrument well.  The drum energy needs space and in our case, the drum studio was too small,  the drummer needed a perfectly acoustically  treated room to like the way he recreates, the beat  

Our task was to improve the sound and vibration insulation parameters of the room .

 We had to treat the room in such a way that the sound of the instrument sounds real, it was  important not to compensate with additional pressure  or change of balances of the playing dynamics, which is a common mistake in the individual practice.

The solution

For this purpose, DECIBEL designed a project for the acoustic treatment of the studio for individual practice.  The process went through measurements to establish sound levels during the dynamic drumming.

Engineering and acoustic improvements were made with a vibration-insulating podium of two layers, detached from each other by spherical rubber-pneumatic shock absorbers.

The DECIBEL team implemented a sound-absorbing acoustic treatment in the rehearsal room.  The designed and executed construction reduces the vibrations to the construction by 99% in the frequency range from 15 Hz to 20,000 Hz.

 In order to increase the sound insulation properties of the lightest partition element - the existing door - a second one with double seals and a sound-reducing brush on its bottom- was added.  the overall sound insulation of the doors has increased from 28dB to 42dB.

The process lasted 2 months.

Results of the implemented project

 After completion of the acoustic treatment, a clear sound of the instrument is achieved.  The made podium isolates the structural vibration caused by the sound pressure in the room.  Immediately after the installation, the feedback we received from our client is more than positive.

 “Playing percussion instruments brings me pleasure, joy, and makes me feel full and alive.  I'm doing something real from my heart! ”  - Venko Poromanski

 If you have found your reason to feel complete and playing is your pleasure, do not hesitate to contact us to improve the acoustics in your room for creativity.

 Watch the video where  Venko Poromanski explains the whole process of the studio making and the commentary on the case of Dr., Eng. Tsvetan Nedkov in the video⬇️https://youtu.be/J9IdBRPCOk8

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