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Acoustics for a famous TV studio

Acoustics for a famous TV studio
Acoustics for a famous TV studio
Acoustics for a famous TV studio
Acoustics for a famous TV studio
Acoustics for a famous TV studio
Acoustics for a famous TV studio
Acoustics for a famous TV studio
Acoustics for a famous TV studio
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Acoustics for a famous TV studio

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Question: What led the client to DECIBEL?

Answer: The professional musicians and sound engineers at Doli Media Studio came to us with their own research and acoustic analysis.  They were alreay familiar with our work from mutual projects starting back in 2012. There was no need to test acoustics and noise levels as they already knew what they needed without us having to to analyze the space as is usually the case. They also knew that we were the only company who could execute the project to meet they standards and timeframe. This was one week to turnaround. We provided the offer on the same day of their inquiry and began working the very next day. We are specialist hen it comes to quick and excellent work.


Question: So what was the issue?

Answer: The issue was that the acoustic and audiable sound eminiating from the stage could be heard outside the stage housing the studio. The stage itself is located within a residential neighbourhood, neighboring other residential buildings. Our client wanted to avoid bothering anyone living nearby. The entrance to the televison studio was a single metal door. As on can defer, if the door wasn't specifically made for that purpose, it has no was of insulating the high level of noise present. The stage itself is a large rectangle that is split in two parts. One half of the space is allocated for the show. So we have a band and audience, along with bleachers and some other movable pieces. On one side of the host, a popular television host, needed to be insulated from the noise coming from the audience. There was a corridor leading in which carries all the noise in with the audience.

Question: What did the client want to achieve?

Answer: Several things actually. Soundproofing the space with the purpose of shielding the neighbors from and studio noise. A specific acoustic sound for the band and a reduction in noise coming from the audiance and from the second half of the stage facing the host. Our clients specified that they wanted sound absorption at 70hz. For that purpose, a thin-lined low-frequency absorber was placed behind the musicians.Additionally, the spaces we would cover had to allow for regular movement as well. This led us to using our Soundproofing curtain DBB™.


Question: Did you have design and color requirements?

Answer: Yes, their requirements were focused on functionallity, quality and design of the improvements we provided.They wanted a black finish so it would be practicaly invisible to the viewers at home. The curtains were 6m x 3.50m on three separate rails because they are made of hard material, which isn’t really foldable, but has to allow for movement.


Question: Were there any technical challenges during installation?

Answer: There was no scaffolding, we had to use ladders and fastening the installation to the walls was challenging. The turnaround had to be fast, as the new season of the show woyuld begin filming in a matter of days.


Question: What is the feedback of the environment after DECIBEL's solution?

Answer: In this case we were dealing with specialists who understood what they wanted to achieve and we could quickly meet their expectations as a result. The curtains provided the stage with mobility, sound insulation and the absorption qualities requested.

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