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ECHO WALL - Fabric Acoustic Panel

ECHO WALL - Fabric Acoustic Panel
ECHO WALL - Fabric Acoustic Panel
ECHO WALL - Fabric Acoustic Panel
ECHO WALL - Fabric Acoustic Panel
ECHO WALL - Fabric Acoustic Panel
ECHO WALL - Fabric Acoustic Panel
ECHO WALL - Fabric Acoustic Panel
ECHO WALL - Fabric Acoustic Panel
ECHO WALL - Fabric Acoustic Panel
Acoustically tested
Acoustically tested
Acoustic treatment
Acoustic treatment
Airborne noise
Airborne noise
Best seller
Best seller
Fire retardant
Fire retardant
Made in EU
Made in EU
T02-Caribbean Sand
T02 Caribbean Sand
T03-Todays Herald
T03 Todays Herald
T04 Coffeelandia
T05-Bitter Chocolate
T05 Bitter Chocolate
T06-Rubbies are Red
T06 Rubbies are Red
T07-Violet Candy
T07 Violet Candy
T08-Baby Elephant
T08 Baby Elephant
T09-Mr. Grey
T09 Mr. Grey
T11-Nicotiana Rustic
T11 Nicotiana Rustic
T10-Lead Arrow
T10 Lead Arrow
T13-Jet Set
T13 Jet Set
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T12 Frog`s Romance
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T01 Black Cat
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T15-Soft Powder
T15 Soft Powder
T16-London Mist
T16 London Mist
T17-Smokey Eyes
T17 Smokey Eyes
T18-True Turquise
T18 True Turquise
T19-My Father`s Jacket
T19 My Father`s Jacket
T20-Chocolate Souffle
T20 Chocolate Souffle
T21-Moroccan Sun
T21 Moroccan Sun
T22-Purple Haze
T22 Purple Haze
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ECHO WALL - Fabric Acoustic Panel

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DECIBEL's ECHO range of sound absorption premium acoustic wall panels have an engineered acoustic foam core and are covered with acoustic fabric.

Reverberant spaces are uncomfortable places to work, rest, socialise. They can be particularly challenging to those with hearing difficulties. The addition of sound absorption materials within a room will reduce the echo, and reduce the need for people to raise their voices, creating a pleasant ambience for work and social spaces.

Acoustic fabric contributes to the sound absorption efficiency of the panels, turning them into an ideal solution for rooms with a need for acoustic treatment and aesthetic vision. The textile finish gives a cosy and stylish feature to any wall. The panels can be supplied in three standard thicknesses: 30mm, 40mm, or 50mm, and a wide range of attractive colours. Bespoke sizes and specific fabrics are available on request. Decibel is also able to print artwork or informative posters onto our Echo- range of acoustic panels, resulting in a product with dual purpose. DECIBEL's ECHO acoustic panels are easy to install using polyurethane foam glue or double-sided tape. Hidden mechanical fixings are also available. The acoustically transparent fabric finish is durable and can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth or using mild detergent. 

DECIBEL's ECHO range of acoustic panels are designed to reduce reverberation (reduce echo) within a room. They are not intended for sound insulation between rooms. Please refer to DECIBEL's MUTE product range for sound insulation between rooms. 

DECIBEL's  unique design of ECHO acoustic panels are suitable for:

- Open plan office spaces (with reverberation issues)
- Home cinemas

- Classrooms and school gyms
- Sports facilities / Gymnasiums

- Music Practise rooms
- Recording studios
- Conference halls
- Bars and restaurants
- Concert venues

DECIBEL can provide acoustic panels with a double-sided tape backing for easy installation against walls, or can provide polyurethane foam glue. Concealed mechanical fixings are also available if required. 


Coefficient of sound absorption
Technical data
MaterialAcoustic foam and acoustic textile
Coloravailable in 22 colors (T01 - T22 from our catalogue)
Dimensions1000 х 500mm; 500 x 500mm;
Installationon walls and ceilings through direct gluing

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