Sound insulating Mesh™ panel

Product Overview

The Mesh™ panels are products developed by DECIBEL for indoor sound insulation and absorption. The front part is made of perforated steel with openings with different diameter depending on the sound absorption needs. The core is from glass veil and mineral filz. Mesh™ panels could be painted in any RAL Color to match different project requirements and each interior design.

Mesh™ panels are with 50 mm thickness and are offered in three standard dimensions 800 x 800 mm, 850 x 850 mm, 350 x 850 mm and also could be manufactured in custom sizes.

The sound absorption coefficient of the product is Lw=0,85.


Mesh™ panels by Decibel are suitable for soundproofing of:

- Compressors
- Chiller systems
- Print factories
- Industrial factories
- Fabric workshops

Sound reduction index

Technical information

Width 850; 850; 350 mm
Length1850; 850; 350 mm
Thickness50 mm
Colorby choice RAL


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