C - Block System - Sound insulation for ceiling

1 Reinforced concrete plate
2 Vibro hangers Pi mini
3 Supporting construction
4 Decibel Visto 48
5 Hight-density plate
6 Membrane Decibel Visco
7 Hight-density plate

Product Overview

C-Block System is a highly efficiency noise-reduction designed for horizontal elements (ceilings). Depending from the level of noise-reduction, can be produced with thickness from 70 to 120 mm. Key elements of its effectiveness are the plates of technical polyurethane Decibel Visto 48, with specially designed geometry. The Visco's elastic membrane ( Decibel Visco ) mounted between the high-density boards, extra enhances the sound insulation properties in the entire frequency spectrum. Suitable for medium to high levels of noise-reducing airborne noise, in some case is suitable against impact noise.


C-Block System is suitable for:

- Residential premises
- Public premises
- Industrial buildings
- For installation to light partition elements made of plasterboard
- For impact noises

Technical Details

System thickness: 70-120 mm
Thickness: 4 cm
Weight: 24,3 kg/m²
Module of elasticity of hight density boards: 2.1 Gpa
Ressistance of air passing Decibel Acoustic Foam: 12 200 Rayls

Measured index of sound insulation Rw of air born noise and of impact noise

Type of partition element Weight Rw Rw Ln,w Ln,w
kg/m² without insulation C-Block System without insulation C-Block System
Reinforced concrete slab 120 mm 281 51 74 83 54
Reinforced concrete slab 140 mm 328 54 76 80 51
Reinforced concrete slab 160 mm 375 55 77 79 49
Reinforced concrete slab 180 mm 422 57 78 77 48

Index of sound insulation