Noise Block System - Noise reduction system for walls

1. Wall of hollow ceramic brick
2. Skirting SBR tape
3. Vibro hangers PI mini
4. Supporting construction
5. Decibel Visto 48
6. High density surface
7. Membrane Decibel Visco
8. High density surface


Product Overview

Decibel Block System is sound insulation for wall, suitable for the highest level of sound insulation for residential premises, public premises and industrial buildings. The system of sound insulating and sound absorbing boards installed on existing wall by vibro insulating hangers and construction. The sound insulating properties of Decibel Block system are between 15 and 24 db depending on the kind of the wall. This system is suitable also for installation to light partition elements made of gypsum board. The used combination of sound insulating materials with different density and elasticity, together with sound absorbing layer with further increased area and the vibro insulating fasteners guarantee the achievement of maximal high sound reducing results. The sound insulation is designed in accordance with the new tendencies in in sound insulating constructions and it was tested experimentally in laboratory in 2015 in accordance to the standard EN ISO 10140-2:2010.

For achievement and improvement of the effect of sound insulation of the wall we recommend making of floor sound insulation or ceiling sound insulation depending on where the sound source is located. 


Block System is suitable for:

- Residential premises
- Public premises
- Industrial buildings
- For installation to light partition elements made of plasterboard

The right installation and following of the steps for implementation is extremely important for achievement of the full potential of the system. It is recommendable the installation of the system to be fulfilled by specialist installer of sound insulating  and acoustic systems. For more information regarding the installation please do contact us.

Technical Details

System thickness: 70 - 120 mm
Weight: 24,3 kg/m²
Module of elasticity of the high density boards: 2,1 Gpa
Air-flow resistance Decibel Visto 48: 12 200 Rayls/m

Index of sound insulation Rw from air born noise

Type of partition element Weight Rw Rw
kg/m² without insulation Block system
Reinforced concrete wall 100 mm 234 49 70
Reinforced concrete wall 150 mm 351 54 73
Reinforced concrete wall 200 mm 468 59 78
Hollow ceramic brick 120 mm 77 36 55
Hollow ceramic brick 250 mm 160 46 64
Aerated concrete wall 120 mm 60 35 60
Aerated concrete wall 250 mm 125 43 67

Coefficient of sound insulation